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Disinformation Produces Voter Apathy


    "I Used To Vote" is an investigative documentary trilogy in research and development.

  This limited series trilogy's focus is the comprehensive study of fact based evidence on the effectiveness of disinformation campaigns influence on Canada's soaring voter apathy as compared to democracies experiencing resurgence in voter participation. 


    A generation ago Canadians flocked to the polls. The 1958, 1960, and 1963 voter turnout in federal elections was a healthy 79%. Fifty years later the election of 2008 registered the lowest voter turnout on record at 58.8%.


   Canada's 2021 General Election of boasted 27.2 million (Cdn. pop. 38.2 million) eligible voters yet 10.3 million Canadians did not vote. In sharp contrast voter turnout is higher in Hungary, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic and Mexico according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Provincial and municipal voter apathy has reached a crisis point. Ontario's 2022 election saw a historic low of 43%. Ontario Municipal elections Ontario had an abysmal 36% at the polls. 


   "I Used To Vote" will travel Canada and beyond her borders to democracies with healthy voting populations or record voter apathy; from high school classroom civics to town halls and national public forums; the halls of power to the family kitchen table; the backrooms from which disinformation campaigns are created and launched. 

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