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The Defining Issue Of Our Time


Filmmaker Peter Smoczynski /Supreme Court Of Canada

Peter Smoczynski/Supreme Court Of Canada

     Albert Einstein wrote, "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.​"  

     In 1954, Einstein's last full year of life, the world was at the height of the cold war. The United States tested one of 27 detonations of nuclear devices on Bikini Atoll. The Soviet Union conducted nuclear tests into the hundreds. In 1954, the first mass vaccination against polio was conducted, "Lord Of The Flies" is published in London U.K. and the World Series is broadcast in colour for the first time. And, the global populaion was 2.5 billion. Both dangerous and interesting times. 

   Were Einstein alive today he would be witness to civil unrest due to unprecedented proliferation of disinformation; a time when opinions become facts and the facts become irrelevant; a global population of 8 billion with unparalleled numbers of the disenfranchised; a time when once more brazen NAZIS march in broad daylight;  an ecosystem under siege by climate change; the outbreak of wars with global consequences (Gaza & Ukraine). - all underscored by an intensified sharpened assault on the very democratic institutions relied upon to maintain order and social justice

    If Einstein believed his world was a dangerous place then our world is on a razor's edge. 

      The work reflected on this site deals in social justice .

    Stories told through fact-based drama or the documentary film. Below is a feature documentary that took four years to produce and another three years before its official release. 

   "E-Day Canada: When Voter Suppression Came Calling" examines a voter suppression scheme during Canada's 2011 General Election that could have succeeded. Why is voter suppression a threat to democracy and social justice?

     Voter suppression can and does alter a nation's destiny. 

                                                                                                          Peter Smoczynski


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